Thursday, July 21, 2011


This past weekend I was on the hunt for items (vintage forks, to be exact) to use in an altered art project; so, off to the thrift stores I went!  Not only did I find the forks for my project, but also scored a few other delightful things; my most excellent being 3 lightweight, yet sturdy & just-the-perfect-size chairs for my dining nook-$19.96 total for 3 chairs (no 4th, but that's OK 'cuz 3 fits better into my teeny-tiny dining space).

What a deal!

Snagged a couple of sweet doilies & a wooden spoon that are all destined for future art projects:
A wee bit over $2 for the lot!

And, this amazing basket that I just had to have-vintage masher is woven into the basket for a handle-how clever is that?  Oh, and the price of $2.50 could not be beat!

Next, a lovely, shabby stoneware bucket I'll fill with gilded pinecones for the holidays-won't that be pretty?

I saved the best for least, for me, it's the best; I love Frankoma pottery (my dad was originally from OK & we used Frankoma dishes all during my growing up years).  I've just begun my own collection & looky here what I snagged for $4:

Yessssss!  I've never seen a Frankoma 4-leaf clover-oh, lucky day!  It's the sweetest lil' dish & I just LOVE it!

And so, another happy thrifting adventure comes to a close...'till next time!


  1. Thank you for your comment today and big CONGRATS on your thrift 'scores'. WOW! - Your new chairs are amazing!

  2. I just found your blog, when I was searching for another one close in name. I love all kinds of crafting, and love to repurpose things too. Right now I just have cards on my blog, but I make all kinds of crafts. Hope you check it out and follow back. Congrats on all your great finds.

  3. Hello Suzie! Thanks so much for the lovely note you left on my blog -- it made my day :) Happy weekend!