Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Scientist

Well....I'm more of a happy scientist, especially when I'm messin' around in some sort of creative way & for the very first time I'm joining Michelle Ward's "GPP Street Team" Crusades.  Current series is "Evidence" (this one is #53-Mad Scientist & is all about mixing colors); go here to read all about it http://michelleward.typepad.com/how_cool_is_that

I wanted some sunset colors & decided to start with an orange-y pink; so, bright orange + salmon

= this:

 I call this "Creamsicle"
 and, though pretty, not quite what I have in mind.  So, next I mix in a great big glob of "Pink Sherbet"

I'm calling this new blend "Rancho Rosa"

because it reminds me of  the outside of my favorite market near where I work; the building's colors are just dee~lish:

 Then, after all my concocting & mixing, it suddenly strikes me that this color looks nearly identical to the ready-made bottle of Salmon paint I mixed with the orange to begin with...WHAT? I mixed that up just so it could look EXACTLY like one I started wtih?  Felt like I was going in circles here; but, no, look at the left (ready-made) & my creation (on the right) and they are not the same after all.
Ready-made                         My mix:  "Rancho Rosa"

 My concoction is just the shade I was looking for; had I not played "mad scientist", I would not have had this lovely "Rancho Rosa" to pink up a sunset I wanted to paint on an art piece.  Thank you, Michelle, for inspiring me to experiment with color!


  1. Suzie - that's so funny that you almost came full circle back to an original color. Great job making mixes, creating names, and even sharing with us some local inspiration! Thanks for coming to play - and welcome to the team!

  2. Fantastic connection between your local store and colors! I like it very much :)

  3. Thanks Michelle. I know; pretty funny-at first I was exasperated but then I thought to put them side by side just to check & was happily surprised to discover they weren't exactly the same after all. I'm gonna keep at this & do some more mixes & naming.

  4. Too funny! Mixing colours to get back to where you started! Your inner toddler is having a FANTASTIC time!

  5. Thanks, Tusia! I've been thinking for awhile now that I'd like to use those colors in a project so this was the perfect way to start. Michelle, you are soooo right-my inner toddler is having a blast with this!

  6. Great colors, and I can tell you had fun mixing them. Welcome to the team!

  7. Great how you describe your mad scientist work process. Well done.

  8. Welcome to the Crusades and well done for finding the exact shade you needed. I'm often surprised by what happens when I mix colours; what I think will happen, and what does happen, can be quite different!

  9. Great mixing and blending here! Your experiment turned out to be a succes then! Your ranco rosa is lovely.

  10. funny :) I like the Rancho Rosa. Mixing colors is fun ...