Thursday, July 21, 2011


This past weekend I was on the hunt for items (vintage forks, to be exact) to use in an altered art project; so, off to the thrift stores I went!  Not only did I find the forks for my project, but also scored a few other delightful things; my most excellent being 3 lightweight, yet sturdy & just-the-perfect-size chairs for my dining nook-$19.96 total for 3 chairs (no 4th, but that's OK 'cuz 3 fits better into my teeny-tiny dining space).

What a deal!

Snagged a couple of sweet doilies & a wooden spoon that are all destined for future art projects:
A wee bit over $2 for the lot!

And, this amazing basket that I just had to have-vintage masher is woven into the basket for a handle-how clever is that?  Oh, and the price of $2.50 could not be beat!

Next, a lovely, shabby stoneware bucket I'll fill with gilded pinecones for the holidays-won't that be pretty?

I saved the best for least, for me, it's the best; I love Frankoma pottery (my dad was originally from OK & we used Frankoma dishes all during my growing up years).  I've just begun my own collection & looky here what I snagged for $4:

Yessssss!  I've never seen a Frankoma 4-leaf clover-oh, lucky day!  It's the sweetest lil' dish & I just LOVE it!

And so, another happy thrifting adventure comes to a close...'till next time!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Scientist

Well....I'm more of a happy scientist, especially when I'm messin' around in some sort of creative way & for the very first time I'm joining Michelle Ward's "GPP Street Team" Crusades.  Current series is "Evidence" (this one is #53-Mad Scientist & is all about mixing colors); go here to read all about it

I wanted some sunset colors & decided to start with an orange-y pink; so, bright orange + salmon

= this:

 I call this "Creamsicle"
 and, though pretty, not quite what I have in mind.  So, next I mix in a great big glob of "Pink Sherbet"

I'm calling this new blend "Rancho Rosa"

because it reminds me of  the outside of my favorite market near where I work; the building's colors are just dee~lish:

 Then, after all my concocting & mixing, it suddenly strikes me that this color looks nearly identical to the ready-made bottle of Salmon paint I mixed with the orange to begin with...WHAT? I mixed that up just so it could look EXACTLY like one I started wtih?  Felt like I was going in circles here; but, no, look at the left (ready-made) & my creation (on the right) and they are not the same after all.
Ready-made                         My mix:  "Rancho Rosa"

 My concoction is just the shade I was looking for; had I not played "mad scientist", I would not have had this lovely "Rancho Rosa" to pink up a sunset I wanted to paint on an art piece.  Thank you, Michelle, for inspiring me to experiment with color!